Gammon - World First (& Trolls with Issues)

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Gammon - World First (& Trolls with Issues)

Post by Azhukl » Jun 28, 2011 19:29 ... 09594C4643

1:14 If you want to go straight to the action!

Edit: I found one for Meral and Sev from the same guy (Troll issues). ... ure=fvwrel


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Post by Tino Didriksen » Jun 28, 2011 22:03

Total Biscuit is great...been watching his WTF impressions of games. They're good stuff.

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Post by Severinus » Jun 29, 2011 08:27

Why can't they leave us trolls alone :cry:

Hilarious videos. Good find, Fergie.
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