Looking for: crafted relics (Inscription)

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Looking for: crafted relics (Inscription)

Post by Issilistriss » Feb 15, 2011 19:03

Inscription can craft ilvl 346 relics, I'd be interested in an agility one and a healing one (in due time, my DK will want a str/tanking one).

Is anyone leveling Inscription and able to reach the appropriate skill in short notice, or should I keep looking for a decent priced one on the AH?

And what would the materials cost?


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Post by Ghi » Feb 16, 2011 01:14

Squirrl is leveling his DK, Perserverance, he has Inscription but needs time to level his character to at least level 75 to be able to max. his inscription.

Zani has Tonolan at 74, and that is one level shy of being able to max. Inscription. I dont see Tonolan leveling soon.

Kirsten is also has Inscription.
You will have to ask Sot what his plans are.

At this time we dont have a max. level scribe in our guild. Squirrl is trying we just need a bit of patience, maybe you can help him with herbs.

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Post by Maarsch » Feb 16, 2011 03:02

478 inscription only.
I believe you need 515 for the 346 relics so I'm way off
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