Ulduar Monday 5th 20:00-23:00

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Ulduar Monday 5th 20:00-23:00

Post by Cyan » Sep 29, 2009 21:30

Its Ulduar Please be ready for it, read tactics have your gear enchanted and gemmed, bring food buffs and flasks

Invites will start 19:30 if your not online 19:45 you will not be sure of a spot, we need some time if we are to pug players.

Tank: Elsavira

Healer: Auna

Dps: Gia
Dps: Azogh
Dps: Thrax

Well ulduar dident happen, but we did go to onyxia 25 with Fuse, and she was downed.
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Post by Elsavira » Sep 30, 2009 00:12

Ill really be there this time.
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Post by Raan » Sep 30, 2009 07:00

Signing Auna Healer/Dps
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Post by wimdehert » Sep 30, 2009 16:54

Sign me up. Gia'll definitely be there.

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Post by Azogh » Sep 30, 2009 17:32

Azogh DPS sign me up pls ;)
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