-- (PLEASE READ - guild FAQ for new recruits.) --

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-- (PLEASE READ - guild FAQ for new recruits.) --

Post by Mortanius » Dec 22, 2008 00:01

Thank you for your interest in joining The Muppets.

----- Preface -----

In an ideal world, The Muppets would prefer the guild not to need rules, and instead run entirely on common sense. That is how we tried it in the beginning, however events during our time which have taken place suggest that we need rules to function properly as a guild. This FAQ is more or less a "common sense written down", and could be summarized as "do no harm, have fun, and let others have fun as well". In short, most of our members never need to concern themselves with the rules, as long as they conduct themselves within the spirit of the guild. The FAQ isn't there to constrain our members, it is there for those (hopefully) few occasions that something goes wrong and we need to tell someone "look it up, it's written down there." - Acrya.

----- About us: -----

We are a social raiding guild on the Runetotem server, and play the Horde faction. By social raiding guild we mean that we are active raiders, but unlike a lot of more hardcore guilds, we have no attendance requirements, no loot points, and no minimum gear requirements. In other words our members are largely made up of people who are very good players who wish to play and raid at their own leisure, not some pre-determined min-max strategy set up by over-zealous leadership.

We're here to have fun, and at the same time be good at what we do.

We are a mature guild with members of all ages, though people who are a mature 16+ are more likely to be considered. We do not have any level requirements for applying, though being a higher level will maximise your chances. We do try to have a balanced amount of members of each class, and at times the requirement status will change to reflect this. You can see the list of classes we need here. It should be noted that the requirement section refers to our needs when it comes to people who want to participate in our raids. We require that all raiders in our guild have the following addons/programs:

- TeamSpeak 2
- CT Raid or oRa2
- Omen

----- Requirements (Social): -----

We require you to be able to speak and write basic English. We usually have our raids after 19:00 in the evening. Raids are regular, but not always on the same weekdays, allowing for everyone to find the time to join in. Additionally, we maintain rules that must be put in to practice, and trialers will be monitored on these. These may not apply to you, but applicants need to be aware of these asap so as to minimilise any future problems that may occur. For example:


1. We don't accept attitude in guild chat. We appreciate that people like to joke and have a laugh in guild chat, of course as we're social! But we also appreciate it if profanity can be kept to a minimum.
2. No arguing. Keep this in whisper. If problems persist, contact an officer.
3. Try to be fluent in English as this is the primary language here. We do understand that English may not be your primary language, so we don't expect it to be perfect, but we do like to be able to read it easily.
4. Refrain from using "leet speak", slang, and make an effort to avoid typos and bad spellings if you can help it. Everyone has their moments, but we try to keep these to a minimum.

----- Requirements (Raiding): -----

We generally frown upon the following scenarios in a raid, as it effects the flow of the raid and can potentially cause unrest between the guild and it's members. As a consequence we would appreciate it if you tried not to do the following in raids:

1. Going AFK during a raid with no prior notice
2. Decide that you suddenly have to leave with no prior notice when signing up.
3. Constantly acting unproffesional - I.e. constant ninja pulling, and other immature behaviour.
4. Abuse of Teamspeak. Keep the channels clean, please.
5. Failure to comply with the Raid Leader
6. Not putting in any effort.

We can accept that sometimes people have to go AFK, and it's out of their control - but as long as you tell us it won't be much of a problem.

----- Loot distribution in The Muppets: -----

Like in most guilds, full members will get priority on loot over trial members (though in some circumstances, exceptions can be made). The Muppets don't use DKP, nor is it the officers job to distribute loot as a loot council. We believe in providing an equal opportunity for our members, so we work around the rolling system. If a member needs an item, they have every right to roll for that item. We are aware that this system can have its downsides, however, all loot systems (be it DKP or a Loot Council) have their issues respectively and we believe the rolling system is suited to our social/raiding nature as a guild. We also have a strong team of officers that can settle any disputes between players regarding the distribution of loot.

Because we work around this system, we also expect a level of maturity from players. Please don't roll on items that you cannot use, for example. Try to think and aim towards the benefits of the guild/raids aswell, and not always about your own personal goals. There's no "I" in Team. We hope that by raiding with The Muppets you will have plenty of opportunities to fulfill your personal goals, as well as help the guild to achieve their goals.

If a member states his desire and aims for an item, we will of course take this in to consideration.

----- Raiding Schedule: -----

We currently have no raiding schedule, however in due time one will be put up here. We will be raiding 3, maybe 4 times a week. We don't have a strict attendance rule, but we do appreciate it if you can spare time as often as you can to participate. We understand that there a real life issues that come first, which is why we don't enforce attendance rules. As a minimum, we would love it if you could raid at least twice a week out of four raiding days. We will typically raid on the evenings from 19:30 - 23:00 as we did in The Burning Crusade. If we're to raid on a Sunday, this will more likely be in the afternoon from 15:00 onwards, with a nice break in between.

----- Your application: -----

Decisions will be made within 7 days from the date on which you applied. Your application can and will be commented on by our guild members. Applicants will talk to any officer in game to enable us to learn more about you, your manners and your style of play. We will contact you within seven days of you applying.

We may do some research on you, should we feel that it is required. Guild history, talking to former guildmates etc. It's not really as dramatic as it sounds, though.

In your application you should take the time to tell us a litte bit about yourself, your character, your experiences in WoW, and why you would like to join The Muppets. A little time spent on this application is time well spent. Look at other examples of successful applicants for some guidance, but please don't copy their every word. If you would prefer to use a template (you don't have to if you don't want to), we have provided one here.

If your application is considered and accepted, it is likely that you will be placed on trial. This nothing against anyone - however we hope that by putting new recruits through the trial phase they will be more likely to stick with us in the future. It also reduces the chance that people will get what they want from The Muppets (i.e. loot) and leave straight away, as we have seen happen in the past. By having a trial rank we establish how dedicated a new recruit is to our cause.

Trials will typically last two weeks, should you be put on one, and we will decide a date on which your character could be promoted to a full member.

We look forward to reading your application. Good luck!

----- Contacts/Management: -----

We're a people guild, and as such we let members have their say and give them the opportunity to express their feelings on new ideas and directions in which to take the guild. We always listen to our members, and we have an area on our forums (member access only) to accomodate this. Any ideas brought forward will be discussed internally by the officers.

If you need to contact any officers, you can whisper the following in-game:

Meraljin - Guild Master of The Muppets
Raan - Co-Founder/Ex Guild Master and Officer of The Muppets
Zanisha - Guild Officer / Recruitment Officer
Issilistriss or Acrya - Guild Officer / Recruitment Officer
Cyan or Thrax - Guild officer / Recruitment Officer

Thank you for taking the time to read this FAQ, I wish you the best of luck if you are to apply. Kind regards,

- The Muppets
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