Application Guidelines (2008)

Feel like a muppet sometimes? See if you're fuzzy enough to join our ranks.
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Application Guidelines (2008)

Post by Mortanius » Jul 14, 2008 23:21

If you haven't already done so, please read the guild FAQ here.

The Muppets are interested to know a little bit about you and the character you are applying with. For this, we have drawn up a fairly simple outline of the information we would like for you to provide us with. You don't have to «fill out» the form, as we don't want to bombard you with a bunch of questions that we expect you to answer, but do use it as a guide for the information you are presenting to us if you're unsure how to start your application.

Before you continue, please note:
Write your character name, level, race and class in the post header when writing your application post. For example "Kermit, lvl 70 Frog Host"

Character Name:



Is this character your "main"?

Why do you want to join The Muppets?

Are you interested in raiding?

Tell us about your experience in WoW so far (how long you have played, what guilds you have been in etc. Tell us a little story).

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Do you have any high level alts?

Do you know anyone in the Muppets already?

Have you been in the Muppets before? If so, why did you leave and under what circumstances?


If any applicants struggle while applying, please use this template for guidance. Some further notes to consider, written by Issilistriss:
Hello, thank you for you interest in The Muppets.

As a social raiding guild we not just interested in the amount of DPS, mitigation or +healing you can bring to the fights, we want to recruit people who want to have a fun time gaming in a environment that's fun for all involved.

Above this you will find a list of things we would like to see in you application, but please don't fill it out like a form. While we need that information, we find it much more important that we get to know you as a person, so please write as much about yourself as possible.

Also, write about what you like about the game, about what makes you play it. Write something about your history of playing World of Warcraft: What fights have you seen, what kind of people and/or guilds have you played with? Who of Us do you already know, have you by chance played with Muppets before? What are your ambitions in the game?.

Also, tell us something about where you heard of The Muppets, and what specifically made you chose this guild.

Please write your application as one piece of text, and not just as answers to questions we posed here. Reading some paragraphs of text helps us to better understand who you are, and how you would fit in this guild.

Most of all: don't regard making your application as a "duty" or "chore". Have fun with it!

thanks again for your interest in The Muppets, and good luck applying.
That is currently it for this application guide. More information is likely to be added as and when it is necessary. You will be alerted if any updates occur.


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