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Post by Rebbelion » Oct 17, 2008 21:31

if some1 got any minor shaman glyphs - let me know or C.O.D em :)
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Post by Nova » Oct 17, 2008 23:23

Got my x2 major's today

Imp+Corruption, 10g for the both.

Pretty neat addition, corruption basically gives me a free Nightfall without speccing affliction (corruption has 4% chance to cause 'Nightfall' giving an instant shadowbolt)

Imp causes the imp to do 10% more damage with fireball, which is handy considering he's now a big factor in a warlocks dps.

Ive also made my own spec (respecced 7-8 times and tested them all vigourously since 3.0 release) and it seems very effective. I hadn't bothered checking EJ or anything similar as i didnt think theyd have an 'official' winner like 0/21/40 was.

I'll post this sometime, other locks may be interested.
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Post by Mortanius » Oct 17, 2008 23:36

Eh hem. :D
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