Uncommon Crafts and Enchants (The Burning Crusade Edition)

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Post by Trollnumone » Sep 19, 2008 14:36

Not updated this for a while so my Engineering updates are

Gyro Balanced Khorium Destroyer
Khorium Scope

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Post by Ghi » Sep 19, 2008 15:23

Well i did see this post earlier, but i have so much stuff...

I f i need to write that all down.. better just ask me.. always happy to check.


Alchemist Transmutation master - 375 - got a few transmutes / flasks
Alchemist Elixir master -375 - also flasks and transmutes
Alchemist Potion master - 375, not my char, but easy access, might be a 24h delay on delivery
Tailor Shadow - 375
Enchanter - 375 - most rep based enchants. Unlucky in the drops
Blacksmith - Armour - 300 - just hit lvl 60 do have some nice stuff for DK's with the new patch.
Engineer Goblin 365 gonna push 375 when i lvl 70
Jewel crafter - 375, only not lvl 70 so not many rep based designs.
Smelting - 375 cant do dark iron bars =(
Prospecting - can do that to
cooking - 360 - golden fish sticks! not much else to boast about.


Fishing - 330, golden darters!!
Mining -375
Herbalist -375
Skinner- 375

Further i have an insane amount of raw mats, old world and Outland.

Well.. that sums it up i think..



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