27 february Naxxramas 10 man

Journals of how it went.
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27 february Naxxramas 10 man

Post by Kroggster » Feb 28, 2009 10:03

Bosses Killed

Gothik the Harvester
The Four Horseman
Grand Widow Fearlina
Noth the Plaguebringer
Heigan the Unclean

Bosses Remaining


Raid Duration

20:30 till 2:15 :shock:

Used Soldiers

Knergouf, Zanisha, Knat, Dregon, Wizzey, Acrya, Cyan, Vesk, Mordicius, Maso, Mortanius, Maarsch and Ghazom


A Solid raid with a few new faces and 'outsiders' who all did their utmost to fight us thru the vile Haven of Kel'Thuzad and his minions.

Yes we had wipes but proven to be ressilient and kept our goal in mind, to clear all wings. Unfortunately we couldn't get a try on Loatheb, cause we all needed to get some sleep, which is understandable at 2:15 ;)

So only Loatheb left, after him, it's Sapphiron and maybe even Kel'Thuzad.

I like to thank everybody for joining and be proud of yourselves with what you have accomplished. Keep the good work up :)

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