Nax - still fun?

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Nax - still fun?

Post by Ghi » Apr 16, 2011 13:23

Hey guys,

Xarthis, Ingenstipes and Ghiaelle are level 85, we had a thought to show a mate of ours a little bit of the 'Old' content. Brubbel a troll mage has recently leveled 80 and has not played much of the raid content yet. We took him to Kara at level 70, but that is about it.

Now you might think. 3 level 85's and a level 80... well that should take about 30 min. and your done.

Well that was not true. We went to Razuvious first he wiped us, a few times.
So we went and had a look at Sapphiron. That encounter was doable and we picked up another key to Malygos. That put us in the room with Kel'Thuzad.
After a few tries in different setups ( talents ). We reached the conclusion we needed at least two healers. As each time the healer was icecubed the raid was over. At a certain point Chaneesha ( Ravenemerald ) joined us to provide a boost to our dps and give us the second healer. With a few tries we reached the 0200 on the clock and people had to go to bed.

This leaves all bosses but Sapphiron still up. We had a good time!

Lets see if we can do some more damage with a few more people.

Maybe even go to places we havent seen yet.


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Post by Raan » Apr 16, 2011 17:26

For the hell of it, we'd probably be interested once our little toons reach 80 :)

Otherwise, we're probably open to a speed run at 85 if convenient/needed.
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Post by Maarsch » Apr 17, 2011 01:35

You can get to Sapphiron now without killing everything else?

That's new. Well, probably not. But I've not heard of it
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