Terestian Illhoof dead; Karazhan cleared!

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Terestian Illhoof dead; Karazhan cleared!

Post by Tino Didriksen » Oct 02, 2007 02:21

Terestian Illhoof killed in 6 minutes 30 seconds, with only one dead (whom we kinda let die since Illhoof was on 7% at the time of Sacrifice - sorry Tidalwave).

Corpse shots:
- http://i.pjj.cc/fbfd71d1fd51b5d90329ca8940ac6251.jpg
- http://i.pjj.cc/b8551c27a846def642e6fdbfb849b3c0.jpg
- http://i.pjj.cc/7629163ed64cd02715ae56ac67de0161.jpg
- http://i.pjj.cc/2fb6ba213544f226480bda10a899dfdb.jpg
- http://i.pjj.cc/f3fb6ebdaab16f3d51615b3a7816746a.jpg

And with Illhoof dead, we have now beat every encounter in Karazhan at least once...

Edit Tuesday: Went back in and killed Netherspite and the spider for good measure, so for the first time The Muppets has an entirely cleared Karazhan. Nothing left alive.

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Post by Tidalwave » Oct 14, 2007 07:35

I remember that event!. So...... I was left to die!

Well got a nice girdle for it. Its forgiven ;)



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