Naxxramas: Military Quarter goes down! (10 man)

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Naxxramas: Military Quarter goes down! (10 man)

Post by Mortanius » Jan 23, 2009 23:55

Last nights raid started out a bit tricky with our new main tank slipping up a bit in terms of tactics as both the raid and the tank had different ways of accomplishing the goals. However, after a sloppy start The Muppets soon managed to pick themselves up and get right in to the action by despatching both Grand Widow and Maexxna in one stroke. We then came face to face with Razuvious in the Military quarter. This took a few attempts as some were still getting used to the fight and the DPS overall wasn't substantial enough to down the boss before healers eventually went oom. However, with persistance and perserverance we prevailed and moved on to tackle the might of Gothik the Harvester. After one wipe we switched DPS and Tanks around the room; the end result being excellent! Gothik fell to his knees, a first for the mighty Muppets.

As for tonight - we decided to do the usual weekend raids - first taking out the Archavon on his lair, and then dispatching Sartharion with ease. After switching the DPS about a bit, we soon came head to head in Naxx once again with the Four Horsemen for a night that would both test Muppet patience and our integrity as raiders. We managed to wipe an enormous amount of times, moving around constantly, switching places and the like to accomodate the different raiders needs. Eventually, we came up with a solid tactic which, to our suprise worked a charm. Zanisha, our main healer next to Senchae took the horse at the back, by my side tanking another and healing myself a long the way. It wasn't easy, and it took a lot of attempts to perfect - but we all figured that if we could just hang in there long enough, the raid would come full circle attacking only two remaining horses (which took a big weight off both Zan and I's shoulders!). In the end, we got the buggers - making it another Muppet first and the first time of clearing the Military Quarter!

It was a fun night to be had by all, I love a raid where I feel like everybody is the leader and has the chance to put forth their ideas and tactics, and this was certainly one of those to be remembered. Muppet raids rock as always.

Grats to all who downed the Horsemen, and grats to those who recieved loot!

- Mort
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Post by Zanisha » Jan 24, 2009 00:22

A very fun night indeed, and even with tactics that other groups might not even have tried we succeeded perfectly. Next time we'll know what to do and we'll do it faster. Love to see you all there soon again.
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Post by Azhukl » Jan 25, 2009 02:18



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Post by Elsavira » Jan 26, 2009 13:23

Congratulations, We just got the military quarter down too:)
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