Obsidian Sanctum / Vault of Archavon / Heigan the Unclean

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Obsidian Sanctum / Vault of Archavon / Heigan the Unclean

Post by Mortanius » Jan 17, 2009 20:52

Tonight we put ourselves up against the might of some measily dragons in the Obsidian Sanctum. I was eagerly anticipating this raid, and very much looking forward to it. As soon as we entered we got right in to action and within the hour, we managed to take Sartharion down. No problems, no wipes - just a fantastic run. After kicking Sartharion to the curb we decided to test our luck against PvP boss Archavon, and once again he soon fell flat on his face with no problems whatsoever! Overall, a quality evening with no wipes. We're not kidding ourselves, we knew these bosses were branded "easy", but nontheless, I'm very proud to have been part of such an entertaining stroll in the park, and it shows we're progressing nicely. :)

Update - After these raids, the Muppets went ahead for some more dancing fun against Heigan, to see if they could end Heigans reign of terror. After a few attempts, Heigan finally fell to the Muppets will. Though I wasn't there for that, I'm happy to announce it on behalf of the fantastic raiders currently still taking on Naxx as we speak. Next stop: Loatheb?

Grats to you Muppets
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