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Post by Nieno » Jan 13, 2008 12:38

The only frustrating aspect which is included with the dragonhawk is the fact that you only have 5 minutes to kill him, and most of the time guilds get pretty close to 5 minutes and alot can't kill him on time.

Gtz on the kill tho guys, was nice to see :)

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Post by Azhukl » Jan 13, 2008 13:07

Seriously WoW-wiki it, that's only soft enrage timer. :P

He has two enrage timers: one at 5 minutes that is rather unimportant, as it only increases his damage by 50% and speed by 50%, but at 10 minutes he goes berserk. You will need to get him down before this 10 minute timer.

all guilds should be able to heal through the 5 min one for atleast 2min.

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Post by Halflife » Jan 13, 2008 14:11

Very well done :)
Love you all
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