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by Drégon
Sep 17, 2016 14:16
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Topic: Hullo
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Oh.. Hello :)
by Drégon
Dec 25, 2010 17:20
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Topic: Hacked
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Yerr.. My account got hacked over christmas.. so Ho-ho-ho to me.. :P

Waiting for a GM ticket now but I don't know how long it will take..

So I'm taking a break from wow it seems

Merry christmas all and I'm off to get drunk

// Dré
by Drégon
Oct 03, 2010 13:52
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Topic: Muppets for Cata
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Yeah I'm still playing and will be when Cata comes out. Got a few of my chars in the guild but I've got 7 toons at level 80 now and I haven't decided which one I'm gonna level first once Cata comes :P Don't know how much time I'm gonna have for raiding but I'll stick with the guild for sure as I've ...
by Drégon
May 08, 2010 23:29
Forum: Notes
Topic: Attention Muppets!
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I'm still on RT and playing now and then but at the moment I'm playing on my paladin tank whose just hitted 70.. I'm playing as much as I can at the moment but I've gotten a job at my regions biggest internet service provider and I'm really learning some stuff and I've got a few more months of works...
by Drégon
Jan 27, 2010 16:09
Forum: Fun Stuff
Topic: Fall of the Muppets?
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Playing my mage at the moment who is unguilded so, but I'm still around :).. You might catch me some time when I log my other chars now and then.
by Drégon
Sep 08, 2009 06:51
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Topic: Berlin
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Have a nice trip mate :)
by Drégon
May 31, 2009 19:00
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Topic: Political Compass 2009 [21 plotted]
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Economic Left/Right: -3.12
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.54
by Drégon
Apr 28, 2009 20:57
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Topic: Patch 3.1 and my return
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Well there's indeed a huge difference if you are forced to go to the army or if you go there by choice.. As we in Finland also got the compulsary military service at 18 and here it's no big deal if you've been to the army . Actually it's suprising if you haven't been :P. It's always fun to go abroad...
by Drégon
Apr 25, 2009 21:13
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Topic: Taking a break
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Taking a break

Well my account will freeze tomorrow and I'm not gonna pay for more months.. I just need a break from it all. I don't wanna be paying for something that I'm not using so.. I'll probably be back but I don't know when. I'll be on the forum still though :) Have fun playing all and keep up the guild spi...
by Drégon
Apr 11, 2009 23:27
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Topic: Trollnumone Leaving Guild
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Cya around mate
by Drégon
Mar 10, 2009 19:07
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Topic: Archive
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Make love not war :'(


by Drégon
Mar 03, 2009 00:03
Forum: Recruitment
Topic: Mendel, lev. 65 Shadowpriest (Trial)
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Aye this in indeed a very good friend of mine and I personally asked him to apply :).

A really good guy and I hope he get the chance to join.

He's got my vote o/.
by Drégon
Mar 01, 2009 10:14
Forum: Front Page News
Topic: Sapphiron down
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It looks like I'm about to fall over at the second screenshot.. That's one fat and drunk dudu bird.. :)
by Drégon
Feb 19, 2009 22:41
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Topic: Hey guys
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Good luck mate ;)

Feel free to give me a whisper if you feel like talking about complete nonsense and rubbish :) and if you do it when I log in late friday or saturday nights it might be quiet enteraining. :lol:


<dance dance>
by Drégon
Jan 01, 2009 01:22
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Topic: Happy new year!
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Happy new yearr-... . .